Bad first impression: Cannot setup any mysql db

Is it just me or what? I haven’t been able to create a db or use any of the one-click installation scripts.
I submitted a ticket but there hasn’t been a reply yet. Of course, I can see they have a few hundred of support tickets to deal with.
If this is a server-wide issue, should the clients at least receive an email regarding the service downtime? (Yes, I know there’s a status page)
No commincation at all, maybe I should take advantage of the money-back guarantee.

My database(s) is working fine. Not sure about creating one though. What problems are you getting?
It does take an hour or two to take effect though. So see if it comes up soon.
And why not wait till all of the 90 days guarantee goes to get an overall impression?

I also signed up with Dreamhost yesterday and have been unable to create a database.

I am on dinero.

I have tried two ways of doing it through the web control panel. Goodies > Mysql, and Goodies > One-Click Installs (Wordpress). Both have you enter the information for a new database. When I do this and hit submit, the same page comes back with red error text at the top “INTERNAL ERROR CREATING DB: could not find available service: mysql. Please let support know!” It’s the same message with the one-click wordpress install and directly creating the database. At this point I clicked the “Please let support know!” link and filed a ticket, which has been in the queue for a little over 17 hours now. (From what I read in the forums I should not be surprised if it takes 48+ hours to get a response.) There were ~370 tickets when I submitted mine, and there are 485 and climbing now.

Logging into a shell account I get this:

[dinero]$ mysql
ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2)
[dinero]$ mysql -u foo -p
Enter password:
ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2)

I don’t know if that’s typical for a non-admin user or what. Frankly I don’t know nearly as much about linux as I’d like, and next to nothing about mysql; but I’m really tempted to go find some documentation and see if I can figure out what the problem is, even though I mostly likely won’t be able to do anything about it even if I can figure it out.

Every so often I’ll try to create the database again through the web control panel, and I’m still getting the same message. It’s obviously not a question of just waiting 5-10 minutes until the operation is complete. It’s hella annoying, because I can’t really do anything I want to do without mysql, so I’m pretty much just sitting here.

since you just signed up yesterday, the system may still be setting up your account. even though you can see some of these areas, doesn’t mean all services have been set up.

I would give it a little time, keep trying.

the page says their doing some maintenance. It says that databases aren’t affected, but I think that just applies to existing DBs. You’re not the only one having the problem. I’m sure they’ll be back up asap.

That message is nine days old according to the date on it, and it says the web panel is unavailable, which is obviously not true right now.

I went and read some MySQL documentation, and the message I’m getting supposedly means the mysqld daemon isn’t running. Now I’ve read the knowledge base here, and I know that DH doesn’t run the database on the same machine as the webserver, so the message I’m getting running the mysql command from my shell account could easily be because it’s looking for a local mysqld that’s not supposed to be there anyway. I don’t know the name of the machine that dinero’s databases are on, nor do I really know how to make the mysql client connect to it, so that’s really a dead end. With my lack of knowledge I can’t really draw any conclusions other than I can’t make a database via any of the proper channels. (If I’m missing something please feel free to let me know.)

Is this just my account still being in the process of being set up? I really tend to doubt that, since I’ve been able to get everything else working, shell account, email, subdmains, etc. It really doesn’t matter what the reason is anyway, unless it’s some kind of major failure (in which case the status page should have been updated and I should have gotten an email.)

From my perspective as a customer, I have two options here.

1: I can sit on my hands and watch the number of support requests climb from ~370 to above 500, while (based on posts in this forum) expecting that it could still take more than 24 hours before my ticket is responded to and not getting any feedback until then,


2: I can go back on the web, look around for another webhost, sign up, set up my account, set up my site, switch over my domains, wait for them to propagate through DNS, come back here, cancel the support ticket and ask for my refund. Now is there any reason why I shouldn’t start doing that, while I wait? If I can find a webhost that’s acceptable to me (I’m sure I can, and it only gets easier as this goes on), and I can do all these steps before my problem gets resolved, why should I stick around? I’ll bet you I can do all of that within 24 hours easily, other than maybe waiting for the domains to propagate.

You could say that all webhosts have problems. That would be true, and that would also not be a reason to stick with DH. You could say that DH has better support on average than other webhosts, and that’s probably even true for many webhosts, but I’ll bet you there are at least a few who’s support is comparable on average, and who offer similar packages. I have every reason to believe that DH is generally a great company, but they just aren’t “better enough” to make me wait all that long when I’m sitting dead in the water like this right off the bat.

Now my website is basically a personal thing, it’s not costing me money to not be able to put it up or anything. If it was more important, I’d probably already be gone. It’s not that Dreamhost sucks either, in fact I signed up because a lot of people said a lot of good things about them. But the fact is that there are other good webhosting companies out there too. This is not my attempt to threaten DH or even argue with anyone, I’m mostly just thinking out loud here.

it’s not you…it’s definitely dreamhost! yes, you could leave, or let them figure out the problem.

It’s obviously up to you whether you stay or go. But, it is definitely that server. I just attempted to set on up also, and received the same error.

INTERNAL ERROR CREATING DB: could not find available service: mysql. Please let support know!

I am not going to inundate support with another request from me. I wish you luck.


Ha, your posts sound like you haven’t been having too many problems on your other servers - if I could get transferred to a different server I would probably do that instead of looking for a whole different host, but I’m sure they’d much rather fix the problems than move people around. It’s not like I’m paying enough to expect much in the way of redundant/backup servers after all. Anyway, I am going to investigate other options. If it takes over 24 hours for this to get fixed I’m going to be unhappy, and if I stick around and I have another problem of this magnitude again within the 91 days I will likely go elsewhere.

I am also 4 days into my 91 day period, and cannot create a MySQL database.
I have logged a support call.

If it is a generic problem you would think that they would update the emergency status page.

So far I have very mixed impressions of the service.

I have two databases so far… I just tried to make a new one and I got the same message about MySQL not being available. I think the setup is down at the moment or something. =( buggrit.

Well, I am pretty sure it’s their issue. Shouldn’t they send out emails (as I mentioned) or at least reply some of the threads in this discussion board? << that page is only used when the main server is down. When it goes down, you cannot access your panel to send in support requests or log into the forum to see what’s going on. So, that page is only used when their primary system is unavailable. They let you know what’s happening.


I understand that, but having an out of date message (currently dated 11th Feb) is misleading.
This information should be on the status page within the panel.

yes, I agree…unless they haven’t fixed it yet.

I can make a db now, so that seems to be working. We’ll see how it goes from here.

When I tried to do a one-click install about a half hour ago, I got an error message that mysql couldn’t be found.

I tried again ten minutes later, it went through without a hitch!

Hit and miss. Hit and miss.

Even if the db is working and created, you cannot use the syntax that you are using to connect.

You must specify the hostname and dbname as well:
mysql -u foo -p -h dbname


I tried it like mysql -u foo -p (forgot the dbname), but it failed as well - probably because neither the domain nor the db had been created yet. I’m still not sure if it’s possible to make a new db with the mysql client the way dh has things set up (if it is I don’t know how).

It’s not a big deal as long as the web interface works.