Bad certificate warning

I’m getting this warning in Mail now.
OSX Mountain Lion, all latest updates

What’s going on? Thanks!

The SSL certificate is only valid for domains hosted under

So, what does that mean for me?
Is there anything I should/can do? Or is my email vulnerable somehow?

I’d appreciate it if you could translate that into ‘what a non-technical person should think/do’ here.

they changed the email certificates… it’s fine but it caused alot of people problems…

more info:

I am still getting this error on several of my addresses. Also this sends the outgoing server “Off Line”

I’m still getting these errors constantly. I’ve been back and forth with Dreamhost support and at first they agreed that it was their problem, but then suddenly changed their tune to say they’d fixed it and it was my client. I’ve gone through Thunderbird’s help files and done everything there but the problem remains and it is clearly labelled as a wrong certificate on Dreamhost’s part.

I have no idea what to do anymore short of look for another host after many years of being a loyal customer. :frowning:

I followed the directions I found here and it is now working fine for me.

Same here, I’ve used Dreamhost since 2004, I’ve had Bad Certificate problems and bounced emails (= lost customers) since May which Dreamhost seem incapable of solving. I’m in the process of moving my 10 x domains to another hoster! Pissed off with Dreamhost, big time.