Backwards compatibility with server apps

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If I use a default config, for example Ruby/Rails, a version for which my software was initially made, but down the line Dreamhost updates to a version that is not backwards compatible, how will that be resolved?

Will I be forced to update my program or make a custom install, or does Dreamhost not automatically update the software version on which the site was initially made, allowing me to manually switch when ready, or keep the old version for a specific domain and use the newer version for another?



Let me know if I’m not being clear enough, as I’ve not yet had any experience short of hosting static HTML. I’d like to host Rails apps for a domain or two, but I’d want to be sure that the sites won’t suddenly break because of updates to Dreamhost’s interpreter version.


You can always install your own version if you’d like.

One thing you can do is “freeze” your used gems and this will prevent gem based upgrades to the modules your application is using.

It’s hard to balance security vs. reliability. if you let DH handle it, this will likely be well and safe. If you’d like you could aways install an older version locally after they upgrade.

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Can the entire Ruby/Rails installation be ‘frozen’ in this manner?

Would I be correct to assume Dreamhost doesn’t host multiple versions, so the update would be ‘forced’ unless I do a manual install?


Nope and Yep.

No, freezing only applies to gems and if you did have your own copy then you could manage it all to yourself.

NOTE: Security could be an issue if you manage your own. Stay on top of it.

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Ok, thanks again. I guess I’ll just go along with it and hope when Ruby 2.0 hits it doesn’t demolish everything :slight_smile:

I’ll just keep in mind to stay away from threads and such to better my odds.