1. I appreciate Dreamhost
  2. I realize that backups are a never-ending foo
  3. I want to ensure my data is there when things fail

So I wish to explore creating my own & external-to-Dreamhost backup plan. This is not, by any means, a ding/slam to them. I’m just practical. I know when I make big changes to code, etc.

How can I educate myself on this? Across 3 domains: I know I’m using MySQL, Joomla, Wordpress.

I’d like to be able to make checkpoint backups across all my data on DH. Where the backup data is stored to me locally, on my local disk (I’ve got plenty).




You might start with the DreamHost Wiki contributions regarding backups. There is some good stuff in there! :wink:



You could automate a daily snapshot download if one day’s grace is enough.


interesting – but how?


The daily backup folders are in /home/user/.snapshot/ (hidden dir) and are in the format


For automation, well personally I’d be inclined to write a program to do it for me.