Backups user: rsync or other?

Hi! I’m just starting to use the (relatively) new backup service for the first time. (It’s the one you can use via the “backups user” tab in your web panel, giving 50GB that can “officially” be used for backup rather than hosting purposes.

It seems that the only choices for this user are SFTP or FTP user—no shell account. As this is for backup purposes, it seems reasonable. However, I’m guessing it’s for that reason that I can’t seem to use rsync (or even scp) for copying files. I’d be happy to (try to) sftp a large tarball instead of a large directory, but the tarball and its unpacked contents would be greater than 50GB.

Does anyone have any suggestions for implementing rsync for an SFTP-only account, or some other directory-recursing backup option? Thanks!

Christian Jones

It’s a bummer that we can’t use rsync. However, (S)FTP clients, such as Transmit for the Mac can do recursive transfers and updates. Transmit checks timestamps to see if the file has been updated since last backup.