When I log into my backup account, I don’t see my directories anymore. Instead, I see what looks like a linux root directory:

sftp> ls
bin boot cdrom data dev
dh emul etc home initrd
initrd.img.old lib lib32 lib64 lost+found
media mnt new opt proc
root sbin selinux share srv
sys tmp usr var vmlinuz
vmlinuz.old vol

Where are my files?

Try cd /home/[username]

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Could be a number of things, they could be moving your acc to another filer in the cluster or the filer your on either failed to mount or is down.

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I did try that. My backup user wasn’t there.

Yeah, it was probably something like that. A day or two later, things were OK and I tried again to upload my stuff (30GB takes a while). I got almost finished and now can’t login to

This service has limited utility if it’s not reliably reachable.