Yestarday my account was disabled, i’ve got an email from you with information that this is because of violation of our Terms of Service.

I have write some threads in contact but unfortunatly i didnt get any response (maybe you can not see those threads due to disabled account).

But my problem is:

  1. Is there any possibility to get my sites up again (i can close site that in your opinion breaks Terms of Service)?
  2. If not, how can i download my sites (files, database and emails) to my computer?

This is a customer forum, so you’re not likely to get an official response.

That said, in 99.9% of cases, you’re done here and will not get access here again. No more hosted sites, no downloads of your files. Once you violate ToS, you’ve broken your contract with DreamHost.

You can try begging at, but I doubt you’ll get much help.