Backup User-SSH & Speed ?'s

Is it possible to login to my backup server using my backup user/pass via SSH?

The reason I ask is because I am uploading md5 hashes of large files I’ve uploaded, and I’d like to use the hashes to confirm that the file I’ve uploaded has been transfered successfully. How can I logon and confirm this?
I’ve tried to logon via SSH but it won’t give me a prompt.
Also is it possible to rsync to the backup server?

Also I noticed that uploading to the backup server is SLOW… Normally when I upload to my hosting account I get roughly ~250KB/s, but when I upload to the backup server it’s only getting ~90KB/s… Is it possible to upload to the hosting account (using the faster connection) and then transfer the files (locally - on dreamhosts network) from the hosting server to the backup server? Or is there a way to request a faster connection to the backup server so that I can upload with my full bandwidth?
I am uploading a 10gig file and it’s telling me it’s going to take 33hrs to upload to the backup server :frowning:
Normally I could get that done in about 15hrs (or less) uploading to the hosting server.

Any/All help = Much Appreciated.

Both of your issues have been confirmed by other users. The bacup-only accounts are non-shell accounts, so SSH and rsync won’t work.

Others have also experienced slow upload speeds. Hopefully they’ll work on these issues with the backup-only accounts, but it’s not like we can gripe about this bonus service they offer.


Thanks for the reply sdayman, but what about:

For example, once the file is on the hosting account’s server, SSH into it and ‘mv’ the files to the backup server, this would be much FASTER (assuming the hosting servers & backup servers are on the same LAN).
Would this be possible (as a work-around)?

The backup server is only accessible via FTP and SFTP, so you can certainly FTP over from your local account, but FTP doesn’t support a recursive PUT.


Dreamhost supports ncftp, which supports recursive put’s:

“The put command lets you send entire directory trees, too. It should work on all remote systems, so you can try ``put -R’’ with a directory to upload the directory and its contents.”


How did you find this out? I can’t see anything that documents this. The server seems to be running ProFTPD, which doesn’t mention anything about recursive PUTs. Even the man page here doesn’t mention it, and ‘help put’ just says “send one file.”