Backup server not working?


I haven’t been able to connect for the past week and I have sent a couple of support tickets but haven’t yet received a reply. Has anyone else been unable to access their backup server?


Connects with no problem via SFTP and rsync for me. How are you trying?



There is an ongoing issue with the “backups” server system that is documented on the DreamHost Status Blog:

The fix is not yet in place, and work continues on the problem. Support tickets regarding this have been moved into a special queue reserved specifically for this problem and these tickets will be answered “en masse” when a clear resolution to the problem is determined.

Yeah, it’s a bad situation.

–DreamHost Tech Support


Is this issue still ongoing?

I read about this week and set it up Friday night. I managed to transfer about 10GB of data before I started having login issues via ftp as well as my scheduled rsync. It sounds like this same issue has not yet been resolved.