Backup Retrieval

Dear Forum,
I have a client who is the registrant of a domain which had his website hosted by a DreamHost customer. That account is not longer being paid for by the DreamHost customer and that person is out of contact with my new client who is as I said the domain registrant. That domain is currently managed through and is accessible.

My client does not have a backup of the web site that was hosted by this person on DreamHost who is no longer reachable. Does anyone know if it’s possible to request from DreamHost 1.) a way to create a new hosting account and ask that they recover that WordPress site from their backup archive from that former customer and move it to that hosting account? And if so how do we go about that? I know the name server address that it was hosted at.


Highly unlikely, as DreamHost has no way to connect the account to your client…but you can contact DreamHost here: (Select “Other” for the point of contact)

Thanks sdayman,

My client knows the customer name/email address who hosted his web site. We’ll try going through the support option you have shared here. Thanks for weighing in.