Backup maildir for non-shell user



I have a mail account (non-shell) that is getting full… I’d like to backup its maildir and erase most everything (after the backup, of course)…

For what I understand, I can’t access this account via shell (and I think I no longer can create shell accounts with the maildir within it)…

What do you thing would be the fastest and lightest method to do this backup…

I could use maildirsync, but, for what I can remember (I used it to migrate accounts from my previous hosting into dreamhost) it is very heavy on resources, to the point that the script is preempted by the dreamhost automatic monitors and never finishes… (IIRC, I’ve done the migration using my own PC to run the script… it wasn’t optimal at that time, given that the connectivity between my previous provider and dreamhost was probable much better than the connectivity between each of them and my PC using my cable provider… but in this case, given that all machines are in the same network, it would be plain silly).

Any advice?

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