Backlog AWStat usage

I understand that it is possible to integrate older logs into your current AWStats staticstics per the AWStats FAQs (

I also understand that I will have to reset my statistics in order to do this.

Since it is June 6th and I’ve only had it successfully running today, I am unsure how to go about processing the log files from the 1st-5th of this month. I am unclear on this part in particular:

You must change your LogFile parameter to point to the old log file and run the update (or use the -LogFile option on command line to overwrite LogFile parameter).

Also, is it possible to get May’s statistics processed or are those already too old?

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You just run awstats once for each old log file starting with the oldest one and moving forward. By default we only keep a few day’s worth of logs so unless you changed that option in our web panel you may be out of luck on going all the way back to the beginning of the month.

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