id realy like to figure out how the large sites like wiki get so many back links and how i can do so?


Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node (Björneborn and Ingwersen, 2004). Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links. [ source ] .


  • Backlinks from Google means the number of incoming links 'as reported by google"

  • Backlinks from Yahoo means the number of incoming links 'as reported by Yahoo! "

  • Backlinks from MSN means the number of incoming links 'as reported by MSN "

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Submit your site manually to as many directories as possible, and in this way you can create good number of backlinks.

how do i submit my website to “directories”? Is this the same as posting to forums and blogs? Can you give me a sample of a directory to submit to.

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You can get good backlinks by having a personal blog that links to your website.

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You can also create backlinks by submitting articles to the article directories with a link back to your site in your resource box. These articles may also get picked up by other sites and re-published on their site thereby creating another backlink to your site.

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Another good idea is to simply search Google for directories by doing a search for “your profession” directory. For example, if you’re a doctor, search for “doctor directory”, “doctor directories”. I’d also get active in blogs that have to do with your industry.

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There are many ways to get backlinks to your website. Some of the easiest are as follows:

  • Directory submissions
    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of directories you can submit your website to.

  • Social bookmarking
    Posting each individual page on your website to sites like Digg, StumpleUpon, and the gazillion other social bookmarking sites will give you a backlink from each of those to the specific page you are bookmarking.

-Article submissions
Posting articles to directories such as EzineArticles is a great way to add more backlinks, especially if the article goes viral.

-RSS feeds
If you use RSS feeds such as feedburner that’s even more backlinks to your website.

These are just some of the more straight forward ways to go about it. Be sure to have a link to your website in your forum signature as well!

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search in google that how to create backlinks? For sure u’ll get some good results. I had some good links but my PC was crashed so i couldnt give u some links.

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Interestingly enough, this is a SEO packet that gives instructions on registering at various sites (including this one) just to add links to profiles etc in hopes of passing on Google PageRank.

What it doesn’t point out is that this forum software adds the rel=nofollow attribute, so no page rank will be passed on to their spamvertised sites or will be followed from this site.

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Yet unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to stop the proliferation of spammy links. Where’s the mods? (Delete, delete, delete)

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Yeah, the proliferation of peoplebots is most annoying.

Needs moar thread removal & banhammer.

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That SEO package says to register here and post your ‘backlinks’ to the Bio field of the profile and not to post on the forum. So you can imagine there must be many non-poster users by now. We’re just seeing the ones that aren’t good at following directions or smart enough to keep a low profile :cool:

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Actually, it didn’t do that until I added that very recently! (And it looks like they figured out a way to get past it, too, so I’m going to have to fix it.)

[quote]Actually, it didn’t do that until I added that very recently! (And it looks like they figured out a way to get past it, too, so I’m going to have to fix it.)
Nofollow just doesn’t work as intended. There are still non-Google search engines that follow them, and most spammers aren’t clever enough to even realize the relation is there. They see the link go live and it encourages escalation.

Just check out one of my mostly-inactive blogs, totally nofollow and about 3,000 spam comments in the queue. Nothing beats the legendary ban-hammer!

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Release the rlparker patch on them!

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Hey! I try to interfere as little as possible, but I swear these links-spamming SEO tard maggots are getting worse. I have deleted more links in the last 6 weeks than I had in the preceding six months - but make no mistake, they are a lot like maggots: you turn your back on them for 5 minutes, or take a long weekend, and next time you look the place is infested with the vile critters.

Every time I banhammer anyone here I wonder if I did the right thing - we always have taken pride in the fact we admins interfere as little as possible on these forums, but maybe we ought to be a little more aggressive with these idiots?

What do you think?

–DreamHost Tech Support

I really appreciate how this discussion board isn’t controlled by forum Nazis - unlike other web host forums where they quickly delete any post that might be interpreted to be even mildly anti-company. This is actually the only place I’ve visited that isn’t chock a block full of annoying fan-boys “hailing the chief” with every post. We get a lot of freedom around here to call a spade a spade if we think things aren’t running as they should be and/or agree with an OP who’s whining that something isn’t right. It’s the free attitude from the board community alone (especially the “big posters” like Scott, Atropos7, rlparker et al) that keeps me coming back.

Having said that, the obvious link spammers who offer no substance to a thread and who’s sole purpose is, again obviously, to do nothing more than slap up one of their website/GOLD WOW/special offer links should be treated with the contempt that they rightly deserve.

In essence this board is for current and potential DreamHost customers to seek advice and discuss technical matters relating primarily to getting things running correctly on their DreamHost account. It most certainly isn’t a link farm or promo/sales pitch arena. The board deserves due respect.

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Evil-Bender voice Ban all spammers!

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That’s an excellent idea! I’ll begin by closing this thread… it’s kind of becoming a spam magnet. :cool: