Backing up my email

What is the recommended way of backing up all my DH hosted email? Just use POP3 and the back up those files directly?

I would like to set up a script that backed up my DB (blog and pictures) and my mail all at once to make it easy to manage.

Any suggestions?

well, if you’re using imap and storing all your E-mail messages on the server, then you can set up a script to also backup your maildir. If you’re checking with pop3, then you need to be backing the E-mial messages on your computer. check out this article in the wiki. It’s a script I set up to make regular backups of my site and databases. I don’t see any reason you couldn’t include your maildir with the rest of the archive.


Great script! I will be taking a look at that soon. I will also sign in to the Wiki to correct some minor typos and such so that your article is even better.

Which directories in Maildir do I need to backup?

Excellent article. That told me more about cron jobs than anything I read so far.

cur and new would be the relevant directories. Glad my article can be of some use to other people. :slight_smile:


The article needs a bit of revision. Please see it’s Talk Page for more details.

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cur and new contain the messages in the main Inbox. If you use folders in webmail or IMAP, then each folder has a corresponding directory. For example, the folder Saved is represented as the directory Maildir/.Saved (note the period at the beginning), which will contains its own cur and new sub-directories.