Backing up mailing lists



How can I back up my mailing list archives?
I didn’t see on the wiki. I’d like to have a copy on my computer.



You can export your mailing list.

Check this. It gives detailed instructions on how to do that.

Good luck!

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Thanks. Actually, I meant the message archives (not the list of subscribers). Any idea?


I don’t know of any archive that is maintained of your messages - I just have myself as a member of the list, and save each of messages as I receive them. :wink:



But I mean, I have archives on the server somewhere. What if I decide to go to a dedicated server somewhere else? How can I migrate the message archive?



AH! I wasn’t thinking too clearly this morning. Copies of all your sent messages are maintained with the announcement list system - just click the “history” link under the “actions” column on the Announcement list management page on the row for your selected list. All of your “sent” messages are maintained there. :wink:

I had never even though to look for them,as I don’t need them (since I send one to myself at every mailing, and just save that)



Oh, sorry, I meant “Discussion Lists”, for instance here:


If you mean other than that archive, I have no idea. You can’t just use that info to capture your archive information?



You mean save these pages as HTML? I don’t know how I would restore them, and it’s not very convenient…


Yeah, I see your point. Google shows several approaches for migrating mailman archives, but I don’t know how we would go about implementing any of them on DreamHost.

I’m looking at some of these options a little more closely … maybe we can “hack” our way into backing them up, if we can determine the correct url(s) to use to “get at” the back-end" mailman stuff (or maybe DreamHost support has a “trick up their sleeves”, or could do the back up for you?)

It might be worth generating a support ticket to see what they say! :wink:



Thanks, will do.