Backing up large database

Hello. I am new to DH. I was till now on hosting. They had provided me with helm control panel. i searched everywhere and i think i dont have shell access.

Now my database (phpbb) is very large. When i downloaded it in gzip, it was 104MB. But when i opened it, it gave out an error message saying: “archive damaged”. My friends told me that the file might be more than 104MB and the complete file had not been backed up.

Now i want to get the complete back up of my database from old server and get it restored here on DH server. Regarding restoring, i know about BIG DUMP.

But what about taking back up from old server?
I dont have shell access. Can i use any php scripts to make a back up to ftp area and then take the back up.

please guide me.

You could try dumping the database table by table to split it up in to smaller chunks. This may help if being a bit annoying.

I haven’t used phpbb much but if I recall properly there is an admin option to optimize the database that may help reduce the size prior to exporting. I could be wrong though most of my experience is with integramod.

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If you can get access to something like phpMyAdmin on their server you can specify how many records to dump and where to start. Maybe back up everything but the “big table” and then take the big table in 4-5 chunks.

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You could also ssh into your DH account and type:


However, the old MySQL has to support external connections. Then you create a Database, a User, Password and Hostname at DH (using the panel) and enter the following, after the command above has run:


This will locally import the Database to DH.

You have to replace all the capitalized words above with your data.


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