Backing up forum database

I just want to clarify that I am doing this right before I continue.

I am intending to do weekly backups of my forum database, and so I have logged into the PHPMYADMIN area, clicked on the database, and I’ve seen the list of 30 or so tables.

If I want to backup the database, do I just:

  1. Select all tables
  2. Leave it as SQL
  3. Leave all of the other settings (tick in Add AUTO_INCREMENT value, and enclose table and field names with backquotes, and under data, complete inserts, extended inserts, 50000 maximal length of query, use hexadecimal for binary fields, export type INSERT)
  4. Save as file, and type in a name (and gzipped)

If this is the case, then where will the file be saved to, and is this the correct way of backing up your forum database or is there an easier/better way?


That method should be fine for backing up your DB. When you click to make the backup you should be prompted to download the file after a bit. If it’s not working you may have to use the command line to back it up. There’s an article in the wiki called Migrate Mysql that should help you out.

–Matttail - personal website

From phpMyAdmin, it’s best to tick Complete Inserts and NOT Extended Inserts, I’ve found.

I’m a little confused, as I left them all as default, and I had a 148Mb SQL file. I knew that this was too small, and so I removed the ticks from complete inserts and extended inserts, and removed the number from maximal length of created queries, and it downloaded as a 299Mb SQL file.

I am wanting a full and complete back-up, so I’m confused as to why there is a huge difference, and whether I am still only getting a partial back-up.

I’ll check the Wiki out now thanks (it was down yesterday).

I don’t want to make any DB changes without peace of mind that I have a full back-up.

Which forum software are you using? Perhaps you should look for help files for it and see how the database should be backed up.

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Yeah, oftentimes, forum software has its own method of providing a database dump which is much more user friendly.

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.