Backing up email / shell accounts


I’ve got 2 email accounts that I’d like to back up. I can access a Maildir in my home directory just fine… but on quick inspection it looks like this does not include my users’ email.

Going by this post, those users would need to have shell access for me to access their mail.

I’m not sure what I’m missing, but how do you tie a shell-access user to an email address? As far as I can tell from my DH Panel, email accounts and Users are distinct entities.

Any advice? Thanks.


You’d have to start from scratch. Delete the mail-only user, and re-create them as a shell user with the appropriate email address.



Thanks for your response, Scott. I see now that when you create a new shell user, the Panel asks you what email address you want them to receive mail at… thus creating the address and tying it to the shell user.

Again, many thanks!