Backing Up Domains?

Hey guys - I’ve managed to overlook the amount of time I had left until my account was due for another payment and now have two of my client’s websites down/unavailable. Is there anything I can do to get everything off of their domains to put onto a new host?

If you still have FTP access to your domains:

Otherwise, you’ll have to submit a Support Ticket to gain access. There’s also the slight chance that you can currently use the One Click Account Backup, mentioned in the above wiki article, to pull all of your data.

Does Dreamhost typically let you submit support tickets to get access to a closed account? I was just told by a representative in live chat that I needed to pay 28.85 in order to gain access to my domains and content.

Thank you for all of your help, Sdayman.

Technically, you’re no longer a customer, so the $28.85 doesn’t surprise me. But it’d be worth trying to submit a ticket if you still have access to the panel, or the secondary contact form: