Backing up before migrating a subdomain?

I am putting this here, but maybe it belongs in Beginners Forum.

Anyway, I clicked on Backup My Account on my Panel. I believe this is all I need to do to backup my WordPress generated website.

After that is done and I get the file on an external drive, I will proceed to follow instructions sent to me by Dreamhost Tech Support to take the subdomain onemanz.con/malt and migrate its contents to

Can someone confirm that Backup my Account is all I need to do?

In other words, is Backup My Account the same thing as “backing up my WordPress generated website and all of its online content, databases, etc.” ?

Or should I be doing some other sort of backup to preserve my site as it was before I started the migration?


Backup My Account does include that. However our backup creation is limited and caps out at 4GB, which might not be enough if your site has a lot of media/picture uploads, etc.

It’s strongly recommended to make your own personal backups whenever possible though. This thread has a couple of suggestions for WordPress backup options, or you can browse WordPress support for more alternatives. :slight_smile:


I think I just found out that my SQL Database is 18.5 megs.

So I am ok for the backup.

That is, if the SQL Database is the largest part of the site.

OK the backup completed. I saved everything.

I have no idea what all this stuff is. I thought the zip file might contain all the other things listed in the back area, but that is not the case.

More confusing: When I go into my Panel it shows my SQL server as being 18 megs.

I thought maybe that included everything in my site. But not so. The backup contains a folder that is over 78mb ( and another over 30mb ( and so forth.

While not 4 gigs, the whole back up was 645mb. A lot larger than the 18mb listed for SQL.

OK I see some of this is simply email, which I am purging.

But does your 4gb limit refer to any one of the things in the backup, or do all of them count as ONE thing, so if they add up to 4gb the back up will cut off?

And if it cuts off, is it saving the Site content first and it will be email that is lost?

It cuts off at 4GB total for everything I believe, and the data being cut out probably varies. :confused: So really it’s a tool best to use when you’re sure all your stuff doesn’t amount to 4GB. Otherwise, you’re much better off with your own manual backups, which we recommend anyway.

And the size estimates shown in our panel for specific databases is not always the most current or accurate. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s entirely possible the actual SQL backup is larger than the estimated size of the database shown.

Ah k thanks.

Looks like most of my bulk was email. So I have eliminated most of my email addresses which were receiving CCs etc.