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Hello people, my problem is that when I do Alt-Cotrl-Delete, I notice a whole lot of programs running in the background. Programs with names like Stimon, Ptsnoop, Motmon, Loadqm. I am concerned that this must slow my compaq pressarion down. I have tried Start-Settings-Taskbar & Start Menu all to no avail. Does anyone know how I can make this programs not start whenever I turn on my computer. I am frustrated.


Most of the programs you see in the task list are what most system call “deamons”. They are programs that run in the background consuming little or no memory whatsoever. Most are actually neccessary for your operating system to work.

To see what programs are being launched when you start your computer, click on ‘Start -> Programs -> Start Up’. The programs that usually take up the most time at startup are programs like Antivirus software. I’d recommend you not deleting your anti virus software for obvious reasons.

A better approach would be to be what specific program run slowly if any on your system? Have you considered buying more memory (RAM) for your system? Memory is still very cheap, although not as cheap for laptops, and some laptops might have limits on how much memory it can hold.

Hope this helps.

  • wil

[quote]Yeah wil, The standard u$oft solution to bloatware -
upgrade your hardware. :slight_smile: All the vendors agree.


Well it worked when I needed to speed up my CD-ripping software. :slight_smile:

  • wil

There is also a program called “WinTop” that does the same thing, if you used a version of Windows that didn’t come with it. It’s pretty handy.