Background Image

I am trying to build my website but nothing I works when I am
uploading my background image. I have designed the page in Netobjects Fustion 7 and MS Front page. When I Preview the page in those programs they look fine. But when I upload all of the files through the programs or with an FTP program such as Cute FTP the background does not show. I have uploaded the correct background file to the correct location. I have tried it as a .gif and as a .jpg (creating a new page with the correct file each time). What am I doing wrong?

Sounds like you coded the background with a filename on your disk, rather than a URL.

Not the only thing that can cause that, of course, but that one happens all the time to people using HTML generators.

Can you post a link so we can see the source code?

I’m not sure you’d want to see the source code, if it was created in NetObjects Fusion and Front Page as the original poster wrote… the grotesque HTML code created by either of those programs is enough to make somebody want to jump out a window, so I would really loathe to see what code looks like that’s been through both of them!

– Dan