Backend email creation

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I was wondering if anyone knew how to go about creating mailboxes dynamically? Ideally, this should work like someone comes to the site, signs up, and an email address is created on the domain for that user.

The address would only need to receive email, so a forward would actually work fine as well.

I’m not picky about languages, so any help is useful.



There is example “proof of concept” working code in these forums for creating a forwarding email address using cURL and PHP.

This worked last time I tested it, but as there is no API, it is, of course, subject to breakage at any time should DH change the operation of the panel.

Note that similar code automating the creation of subdomains no longer works once you have a certain number of domains/subdomains in your account, as DreamHost has added a captcha that is displayed when “N” number of domains are created. I suspect the may have done the same with the email situation (though I don’t know for sure). :wink:



Ah… I hadn’t thought of trying to do it through the control panel (and thus had only searched the forums for “email creation” and so forth).

Thanks for pointing me to this post!