Back Ups

Hi I have had a look at the knowledge base about how i back up my site which references a hidden directory that has to be “cd” into… and thats where you lost me laughs

How do I find this hidden directory and d/l the back ups?

How about that… I didn’t even know we had backups! :slight_smile:

The instructions assume you are logged in to your account using a shell. (ssh, for example.) At the command line, you would type, “cd .snapshot” That’s what it’s saying.

If you are using an FTP program, you can get the backups with that too. Look for an address bar that contains something like:


Add “/.snapshot” to the end of that:


Press Enter, and you will then see the backups (hourly.0, hourly.1, daily.0, daily.1, weekly.0, weekly.1.) Pick the one you need, and you’ll find all your files in there.

Thanks for that I’ll give it a go once I change my dns over :slight_smile: I dont use ssh (I wouldn’t even know where to begin with it laffs) so I’ll fiddle about with my ftp client… gulp