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Hi I am new to this, and most likely should leave it to the pros…but I have a domain created by WP. I auto updated to the latest WP 3.5.1 (dont know where this auto setting is) and several features have crashed on my site. I want to roll back to a working version. The mirror is the same version.

There is feature that says restore to version 2-weeks old, but this says I do not have a back up.

So my second question is how do I create a backup…or is this extra wonga?


Glad to see that you’re being proactive and willing to manually back up your site. It’s really quite an easy process.
We have a few options and tutorials you can find here:

Note, we do back up your site for you automatically, but don’t guarantee that the back up will be there. We do this as a courtesy. This is why we always recommend manually backing up your sites :slight_smile:
Let me know if you have any questions.

Justin H
DreamHost Staff

Was this courtesy of the dreamhost 1 click installer auto upgrade feature? If so the install directory was copied to samename.old

Let us know if you need additional help from there.
For more info on automated backups to your dreamhost backup server see the link in this post
For additional information about why dreamhosts “courtesy backups” never work see

While “features” are great, staying up to date with the WP core is of prime importance. It might be that whatever plug-ins or themes you have that are seemingly incompatible with the latest WP have been updated, so it’s best to check for later versions (or good alternatives) before reverting the core back to a less secure model.

If you’d like, I can take a look at your WordPress install and see if there’s something easy to fix so you can use 3.5.1. It’s a security release, so it really is important to have.