Back Up MySql Database

How do I back up a MySQL Database hosted on Dreamhost.
I’m using zencart and making many modifications during the the early days of set-up and I want to be able to restore if something goes wrong.

The DreamHost wiki is your friend! :wink: should give you all the information you need.


Perfect… Should have looked there first.
Thanks for the quick response.

You’re Welcome! It takes a bit of getting used to that the DreamHost wiki has grown to contain so much useful info. I spend quite a bit of time there, but I’m still finding stuff in it that I didn’t know was there. :wink:



There is also the possibility to restore from several different backups which are created by DH. Just go to the Panel -> Goodies -> Manage MySQL and click on the button “Restore DB”. This saved my neck twice. It’s still good to create your own backups of important stuff, that’s the only way to have full control of the backups.
Some of my very important database are dumped once an hour using a cronjob.


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