Back Up Frequency

I am thinking of starting a small business web site. One day it may grow to 100 pages. I will be using WP. I am not good at doing backups myself. So, my question is how often do you do backup?


They (dreamhost) don’t ever really tell us:

but you might also want to read this thread: as there is a question about what backup actually exist and how they can be restored.


Thank you very much for the links. They answer my question. Sad.

I was not expecting daily back ups on a $3/month account. :slight_smile: The reason I came to this site is that it was recommended by

gm10, making your own backups isn’t that difficult, and since this is your business site it’s in your best interests to always do your own (just like you always back up your accounting files, I hope!).

If you’re using WordPress there are many plugins than can help you do this, it just depends on how you want to back things up and to where.