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Hi I need to back up my vbulletin forum mysql database how do I back it up to my pc?

It’s in the Wiki:


There’s also the built in backup in vBulletin. Im not sure which version you have, but the last few minor and major releases are all the same.

This will save the backup to the webserver, and you can then FTP it down if you wish.



My version is vbulletin 3.5.4 upgrading to 3.6.

can I use phpmyadmin to back up aswell? does dreamhost have phpmyadmin?.

what is SSH?
how hard is it to back up from that?

does dream host provide SSH?

Yes, DH has phpmyadmin and it can be used to backup a database. Simply navigate to your mysql ( server from your browser and supply the proper credentials.

SSH is a secure shell connection–essentially, a command line interface to the server and DH does provide access to it as well. You can easily to a MySQL dump using SSH (if you are on a windows box, download PuTTy; if you are on an OSX box, it has ssh buit in).

That being said, it would probably be easier for you to create a backup from within vB if you don’t have much database experience.

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

yes you can use phpmyadmin as well, and dreamhost does have it installed. If you type in the host name for your database in your browser you’ll get prompted to log into phpmyadmin.

SSH, or is unsecure version telnet, is a meathod to log into your server and get a command prompt. It’s not overly difficult to backup your database from here, but if you’re not at all familiar with sort of thing it may be a little daunting. There is a very good article on SSH and how to use it at deamhost in the wiki - it’s titled SSH. :slight_smile:

The various methods shouldn’t make any difference to the end result, so just go with whatever’s easiest.

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Thanks for that guys appreciate your help. Where can I find phpmyadmin on my control panel?

What if I back up and want to use back up to restore my forum is that easy aswell?