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Hoping someone can help! Long story short, but I’ve managed to mess up one of my sites royally, and want to go back to the beginning and start fresh. I’d like to do the one-click WordPress install, but it indicates that I’ve done it before, and won’t let me know if again. I’ve tried creating the directory manually and deleting using a FTP client, and that didn’t help.

Is there a “reset” button somewhere???


If you’ve deleted the folder and put it back already then go to the one clicks page in the panel click on the “Manage installed aplications” button, on the page that loads you will see your domain name (or a list if you have multiples) click the arrow at the left end of the line to expand that domain name and you will see the button your looking for on the right. If the files are already deleted you can just use remove from list. If you need to remove the files use that button instead.


Hmm…I didn’t know that existed (so thank you!) but it doesn’t list the domain in question at all. I’ve run the one-click WordPress installer, and it says it worked, but still nothing. (When I use the FTP client to look in the directory, there is nothing there.)


Well you are contradicting yourself.

First post:

Second post:

as a result I have no idea what your problem is. The one click installer is not instant tho, did you get an email indicating that it had completed?