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Hey everyone,

When I was younger, I used to build websites using html and javascript using free web hosting sites like xplorer, and geocities. I had no problem typing html into the editors to publish my websites.

I am so confused with this Dream Host though. I thought Id try to be professional about it, as I have that earlier experience. But I can even figure out where to type in the html and to start my website…

Can somebody please guide me to begin??? I really thought I had a handle on this, but apparently not!

Thanks so much!

The wiki is full of information:

But you’ll need an FTP program, which usually has a built in text editor:

For a more dynamic site, try a One-Click install of a database-driven site:


Give that a try.

Two ways to use Filezilla:

  1. Connect to server, download HTML files from server to your home computer, edit HTML file on home computer, drag-and-drop HTML file back to server.

  2. Connect to server, right-click an HTML file you want to edit, click “Edit,” then your HTML editor will open on your home computer. When done editing, save the HTML and Filezilla will ask you if you want to upload the changed file to the server.

Pretty simple once you get through it the first time.

Well, I also use filezilla, and its very easy to use, a very user friendly software…