Back Home, Very Pleased

I tried Dreamhost about a year ago. It just so happened that I picked a time when they were having some troubles for a few days so I stuck with the host I already had. I’ve been back for a few weeks now and I have been very pleased. Everything has been running very well, but most of all I am really enjoying the wonderful feelings of freedom that Dreamhost offers! It’s like a shared hosting buffet!

I am glad that I came back, and glad that I didn’t let a couple of minor hickups (the little wee bit of downtime some of us had a few weeks ago) scare me away again… a little tick here and there is worth the overall level of deep satisfaction I am experiencing, and I have moved my entire operation over (transfered all of my domains and hosting) with the intention of building a permanent nest! And the expansion of resources just given makes it all the better… I feel as if Dreamhost will be able to provide for my every need from here on out.

I am also very satisfied with the support I have received. On the occasions that I have needed some help or had some trouble that needed attention, the response has been VERY timely and satisfactory. There is even one fearless tech that is willing to own any issue personally if needed, and that feels comforting too. I usually just use the panel to contact support, but he’s always let me know that he’s there if needed.

People like that take things to whole other levels… it truly makes Dreamhost feel personal to me, that I am NOT just a numbered account. He knows who he is and to him I wish the best that this Universe can give!

And even though I have never “met” Josh, his blog posts and newsletters really do a lot towards making Dreamhost feel like a true cult, I mean community! And when the UFO comes in the tail of the comet next year I can think of no finer bunch to leave with, and it will be awesome when Josh gets his full powers and is able to fully subdue Bob Parsons once and for all, and never let him out of the bottom of the volcano again.


It’s good to have neighbors like you. Welcome back!

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Much appreciated, Lensman, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

It was a great feeling to finally have the last of my domains transfered over and can now try to log in to my old 1&1 account and not have my user ID recognized!

Today I experienced another wonderful support exchange with a Dreamhost tech that I’ve not dealt with before… isn’t this nice:

"If you need any further help, please let me know and I’ll do what I can
to make sure you get the assistance that you require, alright?


It was a simple little question that I had, but it is so refreshing to get such organically human responses, and fast too! So far I have not had a support request go unanswered for any longer than about 20 or so minutes, other than when I send a request to a specific tech who may not be available at that time.