Back by popular demand: DreamHost Site Of The Month!

Many people asked “What happened to Site Of The Month?” after they received October’s newsletter. Wonder no more: the answer is here.

People’s favorite DreamHost Site Of The Month is on. Submit your candidature on Twitter with hashtag #DreamHostSOTM (or here on the forum, if you prefer.)

DreamHost team will review the candidates at the end of the month and announce the winner here on the forums! And on Twitter.

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Does the winner get a prize?

Winners get the title for the month :slight_smile:

Does this exaltation get linked on a Dreamhost webpage or in a newsletter?

The winner will be announced on and on Twitter by DreamHost official account, at least initially. Things may change, as usual nothing is written in stone :slight_smile: is a weekly tabletop RPG adventure podcast that we host with you guys. We even host our audio on dream objects.

Keep up the most excellent work!

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When I won the coveted title of DHSOTM in December 2015, I put together a couple of badges for my site, and linked the HTML version of the newsletter. Needless to say (and yet, here I am saying it), anyone who manages to bribe The Powers That Be into presenting them with this honor is more than welcome to snag 'em (by downloading, not hotlinking, please and thank you).


DHSOTM Badge with rounded corners

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