B2 Woes

I tried installing b2 on the my server here and it doesnt work! There are several errors…anyone know whats happening?

b2evolution works; presumably b2 should as well, although I haven’t tried it. If you posted what errors you’re getting, someone might be able to help you out.

jus go to www.net-kid.net and see the errors

wuts b2 evolution? can i have the link?

Looks like you figured it out. :slight_smile:

hmm im still gettin errors in b2 evolution… i cant view blog styles…

Did you set up the config files appropriately? b2evolution has a great forum (http://b2evolution.net/forums/index.php) with knowledgable people that should be able to help you out. I see php errors; looks like something’s not set up properly… although I really can’t tell from just a cursory glance.