B2 install command

Okay, I’m a true newbie at this, but I’m hoping someone can just help. I’m attempting to install b2evolution from scratch.

I’ve uploaded the contents of the b2evolution /blog/ dir to my weblogs.domain.com/b2/ dir. I run a telnet client and enter the newly created /b2/install dir and type “_functions_install.php” and receive “_functions_install.php: command not found”. This is the only script that appears to be an install. The b2evolution docs are fairly skeletal. I did create a SQL DB for b2evolution beforehand, but not sure if I need to reference the DB in the install command somehow. Can someone please help?


I think the installation is entirely web-based.
Try to open http://weblogs.domain.com/b2/install/ in your browser.

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Hehe. Thanks. I can’t believe there is nothing in the docs or faqs or forums that even mentions this trivial installation method. Yeah I’m new, but even a venerated linux guru might naturally assume a command shell. Now I can start to play. Appreciate the help!