[b]777thanks11 promo problem! ... since at least May![/b]

[/b]Okay, i’m sorry to have to do this but i am getting a bit annoyed Re: the DreamHost response i have had over the “promo” code i have offering savings of over $110, sounded great!!, but, seems theres always a catch…

NOWHERE can anyone find ANY information about who is actually eligible for this promo (the thanksgiving one which expires tonight 11:59pm 25th Nov 2011 - 777thanks11) you know the popup with the turkey on it …

Well guess who feels like a turkey?

After clicking on the promo i was led page after page, credit card details accepted, email addresses input, etc etc., whilst all throughout this process did i find any place to input my promo code.

On the final page i was then surprised to see i would be billed the normal price after my TWO WEEK trial period!!, again with NO explanation on why i wasn’t able to input my promo code.

So i did some (more) investigating, i found my way here and then i found an almost identical post (search for 777may11) outlining exactly the same problem, now, in Eve’s case, she had everything fixed and sorted and all went well…

I on the other hand, received emails back saying i was in a “region” where the offer was not available, so why was i able to even SEE the offer?, and WHY did i not get refused when inputting credit card info?, surely DH could have filtered the countries not eligible for the promo via the credit card “drop down” country list, even I could do that!!!, so why cant they? Come ON UberGeeks!!!

I will post the (so far) short dialog i have had with DH’s “Nate” here (see below) but the gist of it all is that they don’t make the offer available in countries where there is a high risk of fraud! (so was said), GET REAL!!! the offer was a saving of $110+, i have a credit card AND could pay via PAYPAL (which says, get THIS, and i am quoting the DREAMHOST accounts page here: “IMPORTANT WARNING: We CANNOT refund payments made via PayPal no matter what!”

So, they are afraid to get ripped off a shade under US$10, but if they force me to pay via paypal (which i am HAPPY to do) the risk lies solely with ME, if the transaction fails for any reason I GET NO REFUND!

So tell me folks, why am i now being told that no one will do ANYTHING other than to help me pay out US$110 MORE for this now PROMO-less promo, or close my account altogether!

And please explain what would happen if i DID pay the full amount via paypal and things went wrong?? I would be out of pocket over US$120 bucks, no recompense, nothing at all.

I am UPSET!!!

Please read the emails between myself and DH and comment as you see fit, i would NOT be trying to rip anyone off by jumping up and down about this, i am a housewife who wants to start building my online presence, i have studied hard for this and chosen DH (seemingly) wisely and with the advise of friends (who are VERY dismayed about suggesting DH’s promo).

I hope SOMEONE in DH can reverse this decision, because all i have now is this forum to help me!

The emails (posted below, together with comments earlier in this forum under the title "Help applying the promo code “777may11” started by Eve6MediaHQ):

-------------------MESSAGES START------------------------------

RE: Help Applying Promo Code 777May11
(My comments are in bold and begin with my post to the forum):[b]
Yeah, what is it with these promo codes, i just sent an email to dreamhost for the very same reason as eve6mediahq, but in my case its the current promo (thanksgiving 777thanks11) nowhere to be found ANY info on the redemption of the offer code, no listing of the supposed terms and conditions, yet they walk you through, take your credit card details and now what??? i get charged full price in two weeks??? I think not!!

If it’s not too much to ask, putting the cart before the horse (or in this case the turkey) obviously doesn’t bring with it a sense of customer satisfaction, more a sense of dread hoping i haven’t been led up the garden “credit card” path.

The fact that this has also happened to others as many months back as May (and earlier) imply that there is something more akin to apathy on the part of DreamHost, c’mon boys, fix your “widdle wed wagon”!

So what about it DH? do i get the promo code validated? Or would you rather i disappear in a puff of logic???

Regards and best wishes to all
i guess this answers my previous post, seems the current offer doesnt extend to me … i wonder why??? anyway here’s their reply, seems they are happier to see me leave than add to their ranks …

Truly dismayed… here’s their reply:

I apologize for any confusion. One of the regions that the promo code is
not available in is Malaysia, unfortunately, so I can’t grant you the
discount. That’s why the area to enter the promo wasn’t in the sign-up.
Should that have been made clearer during the sign-up process?
Absolutely. I am sorry that it wasn’t.

I can understand, certainly, if you don’t wish to continue with DreamHost
at this point. You came here for a special deal and we were unable to
accommodate you on that.

If you’d like to close your account, here’s how:

  1. Go to the Manage Account page :
  2. Click the “close account/end all hosting” link.
  3. Follow the steps within.

You’ll receive an email confirming your action.

If you have any questions or need any additional assistance, respond to
this message. I am always happy to help!

Nate Y

[b]And for anyone in the least bit interested, here is my reply to Nate and the Dreamhost team, asking why there is a restriction and to provide me a list of where there is NOT a restriction, so i can get a friend to take care of the registration… sigh

here’s my reply…[/b]

I just took a quick look in your forums and it would seem that this situation has been ongoing for quite some time, case in point, take a search for “Help Applying Promo Code 777May11” , not what i would call inspiring considering, in that case i was told they took it to accounts to resolve the issue, i for one am completely stumped as to why there should be ANY restrictions at all?

Why don’t you at least tell me where the offer is NOT restricted?? Then i could hopefully apply there instead, i travel widely and have various citizenships and card details, or i could call on any number of friends worldwide to take advantage of the offer on my behalf, so if you would please humour me Nate and tell me before this offer ends, where CAN i take advantage of your offer code???, and why do you not list this information at the very beginning of the process instead of causing angst?

Please reply asap, i still have my offer code for that domain, or if need be someone could register where the offer IS valid and i could transfer the name to them?

Many thanks for your prompt reply.


and here’s Nate’s reply, please read my comments after his reply, and ask yourself, just who is CORRECT here???:

Hi Polly!

The regions where the promo code is not available are regions that have,
in the past, had a much higher than normal incidence of promo code fraud.
That’s also why we don’t publicize which regions are not eligible, as it
would make it easier to get around the limitation. We want to be able to
continue to offer these great deals, so we have to put limitations on

It’s for these same reasons that I can’t list which countries are
eligible or tell you how to get around our restrictions.

I am sorry that I can’t be of more assistance here, but our policies on
this point are quite strict. If you have any questions, please respond to
this message.

Nate Y

[b]Now it has to be said that i have only just received his reply as i was up all night getting the domain and (supposedly) the promo offer hosting and then setting up my gmail accounts, calendar, sites, docs et al until 6am! …sigh!, yes, i am angry and i truly believe i am in the right here, it simply HAS to be said that ANY company that has a special promotion/offer/competition is surely BOUND BY LAW to put the details of said promotion somewhere easily seen/accessible (eg: the fine print), but not a word mentioned about that, and the fact that others have had similar experiences even as far back as May (which was resolved to the customers satisfaction) or even earlier, is a clear sign that i need to be speaking to someone with a better understanding of common business practices.

And of course no mention of transfers and my other proposed solutions, nothing at all except a simple pay or get out!

So bring it on DH, you brought this issue into play, so game ON!, i want to escalate this up the chain please, and please understand this is NOT personal, i just need this resolved for myself AND all future POTENTIAL DreamHost customers!!![/b]

Thanks y’all! :wink:

Polly X

[b] Here is now, Brian H’s “escalated” reply to my predicament, honestly, i feel as though i’m talking to a brick wall.

Here’s his reply, and my (rather long) reply which i just sent. I simply must ask you the audience this, don’t you agree with me?:

His reply:[/b]

On Fri, Nov 25, 2011 at 2:02 PM, DreamHost Customer Support Team support@dreamhost.com wrote:


“I look forward to an escalated reply.”

Hi there, my name is Brian, I’m a senior support manager here at
DreamHost. I’m terribly sorry you’re having problems with getting the
promo code you want to use. While I sympathize with your issue, there’s
really not much we can do here, as we have these restrictions in place
for our protection. There’s really no negotiation on this type of issue.

You can see via our forums, this issue has come up before:


AndrewF and RL are both employees of DreamHost, so are speaking on our

I wish there was more we could do for you, however promo codes are not
available in your region. Sorry about that.

Brian H

[b] oops, that reply didn’t help matters… I just posted THIS reply, let’s see what transpires:

Brian, hello.

I have outlined my position on this and as such it is now becoming more an issue of advertising compliance as well as a sense of intolerance from DH and it’s representatives, you say yourself that this problem has occurred before, but YOU are the guys violating given laws in the State of California that are there to protect US, the customer, from these very issues.

Let it be said, i am not in any way suggesting that this was your motive, but you guys are the TECHNICIANS who organize and articulate and brand, code and market your promo’s, but there has obviously been little if ANY regard given to satisfy those very laws which have been in place to protect our rights as consumers.

So once again, i ask for any possible workaround to resolve this issue, i also need to know what will be the status of the domain name, which, if you force me to leave, could incur costs for transfers? Please clarify this point particularly as this has already taken up much of our (yours and my) valuable time.

I simply must state my position on this matter right now when i say i shall NOT comply with your request to quit, NOR shall i pay the balance of the promo, this is patently unfair given the circumstances and without a doubt, upholdable by law.

The people here that recommended you and this offer to me are quite literally shaking their heads, for in Asia, this is akin to “losing face”, this does not bode well for the greater community, nor does it auger well for the future, as i am simply seeking a respectable and qualified solution to this matter without it’s further escalation.

It is also sad to note that not one of my points offered as solution has even been spoken of in your reply, suffice to say that your continuing branding/marketing and lack of qualifying information serves only to alienate yourselves from a salient truth, you are, as a company, simply in error.

Let’s look at the issues, from which i ask you this:

After much thought here, just how hard is it to code a solution that will limit the lightbox promo code(s) by region, country or IP address, this in itself would regulate your branding and marketing to it’s supposed intended audience.

Answer: very little.

Further to this, how simple a change to the country “drop down” box during credit/debit card registration with a disclaimer stating the reasons why “some” countries are unavailable.

Solution: simple.

You see, at the end of the day, you tell me you cannot divulge which countries are unavailable because potential “purpetrators” would take advantage, but surely, if I were a purpetrator, would I be going down this path with you?


Here’s what i would possibly do (simply a “heads-up” btw):

I would simply create “dummy” domain names and try the registration process as many times as necessary to find out which countries i COULD register from (my first guess on this would be, hmmm, let’s see… America??).

Of course the one thing that stands out from ALL of this, is the fact that you simply have NOT STATED the complete terms and conditions of this offer, or, for that matter, MANY previous offers.

So please, take a minute to catch your breath, have a good strong cup of Coffee (if that’s your bag) and take some time to review your position here. I am being as patient as i can be, but, as previously mentioned, when all i get in reply is as base as “pay up or get out” without addressing ANY of the points and paying NO respect to the proposed solutions which i have offered (you should pay ME! lol) and as stated earlier, without outlining how this affects my domain itself and any issues otherwise unknown to me, it simply leaves me with my back against the wall, and believe me, this is NOT what any of us want!

That being said, i must now dash to attend to other pressing matters.

Best wishes always, as i say, this is NOT personal.

Thank you for your time.


Let’s hear from you the forum please =) thank you all.

Polly,i think DH can show a better user friendly message instead of just saying ‘offer valid only for some regions’. I also read your other comment in other thread. There are two ways you can sign-up for DH. one is clicking on the URL which contained the promo code, this is what you followed. Second is by directly accessing normal signup url which gives the option to enter the promo code just before the Credit Card entry screen. This option even tells you if the promo code is not applicable in your region. I wish the DH guys can implement the same for the other sign-up process also. As an end user, i would like to see how much would my total cost on the same screen where i have to enter the credit card details. If you observe carefully, i think your plan selection page during sign-up process (where you select 1 year or 2 year plan), should give the details on how much would it cost for you. as i said this place is fine but confusing, many thinks that the promo code would be applied later :frowning: . I think the ambiguity for them to show proper message is because DH deducts the domain registration cost initially during the sign-up and the (hosting cost - domain reg cost) at the end of trial period.

I am sure that the code you are referring must be valid in US and UK regions.

What options you have?

  1. Try to convince them as you are currently doing, but there is very less chance in this. It is all business.
  2. Continue using the current plan. You will have to pay the asked amount. your choice.
  3. You already paid for your domain, so it is yours. Choose another hosting service if you think something is better and cheaper, but you can still keep the domain name with DH.

This excerpt is from DH website - “When the trial ends, your credit card would be charged for the entire prepayment amount of selected hosting plan. Any eligible domain registration credit would be applied at this time”. Make a quick decision and act accordingly.

There is one more thought, if you are not so desperate to use your current domain registration. You also need to double verify with DH on this. What, If you cancel the existing plan and apply for a new account by using the new promo code which will reduce some amount, may not be $100, If this works for you and DH. check on that.

You said, your friends recommended DH, that means there is something special about DH :). Happy blogging.

I hope you know that these promos are only for first year. later years you have to pay full amount.

It’s really not very nice to make someone go through a whole registration process only to find out at the very very end that they are not entitled to the promised discount. Such things should be upfront, precisely to avoid such disappointments. Dreamhost really should know better - and given my own rather good experience with Dreamhost I am a little surprised by this.

I am left wondering if our own promo codes also suffer from these regional restrictions?