Problems so far:

1 - It was not resolving IPs and showing countries, and I’ve simply asked the support for an answer and it wasn’t given. TOS is to blame, blah blah blah. Anyway, I looked elsewhere (here!) and found that I had to enable the plugin AND delete the contents of the data folder, and now I can see the countries (I had enabled the plugin before and it didn’t work…). But…

2 - The stats disappeared (of course, I cleaned the data folder!) but they weren’t properly recreated with the update. The domain started working Sept. 7th, the stats were fine until yesterday’s afternoon that was when I deleted the data folder and then it started to show random data yesterday after this IP/plugin fix - a few hits here and there were shown and it was skipping days too, about 3 or 4 days only were listed. I managed to reupdate it and clean this specific mess, but the logs now only read from Sept. 21st ahead (2 weeks are missing). Ok, no problem, I can live with that. But…

3 - The updates aren’t working. If I visit the stats page using the awstats page, there isn’t an update button (it IS set in the config) and it says that it was last updated in September 13th, and If I use the update of JAWStats, there seems to be no updating at all although it says that it was updated “1 min ago”, “10 mins ago”, etc. Cron jobs were set to 1 hour, but they never worked, I tried several syntaxes. Perhaps I must add the cron from the CP and not as it is explained in the awstats installation process (which is very very confusing! It’s not that complicated, someone should clean that mess up).

I was told to run the from the command line to update it, and I did it… but it was killed as it said that I was using too many processes (how so?). Much probably setting a cron from the command line won’t work as well.

What now? Reinstall from scratch? Or use the awful Analog stats?

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