One of my clients isn’t thrilled with the DreamHost stat pages and was wondering if there was anything that I could do about it. I was reading about AWStats on SourceForge the other day, and I’m now wondering if it’s even possible to use these on DH servers - has anyone done this? Any other stat programs?

Here’s the link to AWStats:

I’ve been curious about that as well, I like some of the extra features AWStats offers. Anyone?

I don’t know about that script in particular, but most scripts written in perl work on Dreamhost. If you have problems with the install, and if they approve the script, chances are they will install it for you for a nominal charge.

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From a quick look, I think it should work on our system. It’s run from the command line, so if you wanted it to be run periodically, you’d need to setup a cron job or something.

You may need to adjust the LogFormat parameter.

Thank you! I set it up yesterday and it runs just fine with the default configuration. I was mainly worried about it possibly taking up too much resources, but I guess it shouldn’t be an issue with my tiny website.

I’ve seen there is a plugin available to show the countries the visitors are from, but it requires the Geo::IPfree perl module. Is there any chance this could be installed? :slight_smile:

I also was hoping to use AWstats on my DH websit. Sounds like you got it running.

Can you tell me if the DH log files support stats to show referrals from major search engines, key words/phrases, and robot/spider visits?

Did you find out if AWstats for DH websites?

I want to be able to access statistics for:
referrals from major search engines
key words, keyphrases
robot/spider visits

Do you know if the DH log files support these?