Awstats with multiple Domain


I successfully installed Awstats for one of my domain. I would like to have it for my others.

As far as I understand, I need to make an other config file, and put all the “html, css etc…” stuff on each of the domain.


What I need to change in the config file ?

How do I change the hours for a cronjob ?
0 3 * * * perl /etc…

I know it’s 3 hours. If I change this for 1, it’s 1 hours. but what if I want the job start at 1:30 ?

I fallowed this tutorial:

I’m quite a newbie on linux thing.

Thanks for help

well forget my last message.

I found a good tutorial for crontab:

One question: crontab send me an email when the job is done. This is great at first to know it’s working, but is there a way to tell him not to send a confirmation email ?