AWStats with cgi support

id like to run AWStats using cgi for dynamic pages, but you have to add directives to the apache conf file. is this possible, or are we stuck with static pages?

bump, since i keep seeing other people with help issues with awstats, id still like to figure out how to get dynamic pages up and running.

I would like to do this too.

lachette, have you tried asking support about this? Based on my understanding of the AWStats docs, it looks like we need to be able to modify the httpd.conf file for this capability. Unfortunately, I’m not very optimistic that Dreamhost will allow this.

Hmmmm… it looks like this may actually be possible. The pertinent info was not in the main AWStats wiki article, but in the alternative installation article. These articles used to be separate, but it looks like they’ve recently been combined:

Anyhow, I’m going to give it a try. I’ll report back on how it goes.

Got it working! I just followed the Alternative Installation instructions from the wiki. The only thing I did differently is that I left AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser=0 because I don’t want to run AWStats from the browser; I only want to dynamically generate the report from the browser.

To have the side menu, you have to make a dynamic installation of awstats.


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