AWStats - Update from browser

Is it possible with DreamHost? Or can it not communicate dynamically with the Log Files?

I know that DreamHost supports AWStats. I am running it on my site. : )

My question is whether or not AWStats is able to update from the access.log or is it only able to read the access.log.datestring file?

The LogFile that I have it pointed to in my awstats.domain.conf file is “/home/user/logs/Ý-24”. I know that this will only analyze yesterdays log, if I switch it to just access.log is it able to analyze that file dynamically? If so, I will just setup a CRON job to run the .pl script every 12 hours or so to get all the info.

It’s definitely possible to set it to use access.log rather than the archived logs…

However, since access.log is wiped out daily, you’ll miss any log entries that get archived before your cron job runs. If you want reliable stats, it’s best to use the archived logs, as you are doing now.

I switched it to the access.log, changed my CRON job to run every 4 hours, and everything is works good. I like the ability to run it from the browser, this is my first site so I am kind of nosy/interested in my stats. : )

Thanks for all your input.