AWstats static vs. browser

I’ve installed AWstats for 3 of my DH domains and have it kind of working but now I’m confused a bit.

I followed the wiki.dreamhost AWstats (alt) installation. It looked like DH logs only kept the last 5 days of http logs so I unzipped and cat’ed these together into one big log.

Next, I ran awstat via a browser and hit the UPDATE link. Cool! I can see 5 days of data with all the AWstat tables and graphics. Also, it looks like there’s a monthly file in my datadir named like this:

Next, I tried running the script via cmd line. After a bit of tweaking I also got that to run. This seems to create about 20 files in my datadir like awstats*html. I can view these thru my browser, too.

So I’m confused now. What is difference between these two methods? I read that the first is dynamic and second is static. But the first/static still seems to build a data file in the datadir. Can I update this day by day? On Oct 1 will the data file roll over to a new new with a 200510 date-stamp?

I’m guessing that I could get on-line everyday at 3AM and run the browser/dynamic awstat and hit UPDATE to get it to update but that doesn’t sound too practical.

So… of course I want to set up a chron job to do this. The wiki notes and other DH info only tells how to do chron updates using the But the datadir files for this method do NOT have the date-stamp like the dynamic file. Does each script UPDATE just keep adding to these files?

Any light shed on the above questions would be great!

There are two processes going on:

  1. collecting and analyzing log data into a statistics database
  2. generating reports from the statistics database.

#2 is where the terms “dynamic/static” come into play. Dynamic means the report will be generated each time you ask to see the report. Static means the report was generated and saved to disk. I’d suggest staying with the static reports if you are on shared hosting as it will keep server load down if you look at the reports frequently.

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