Awstats & Remapped Subdirectories

Ok, here is the scenario:

I have 1 domain and no subdomains:


I am going to grant special users of our community an ftp account and remap a folder in the main domain name to their user ftp account. For the sake of argument I am user “admin”.

So for example I create an ftp user: “user1” and now I’ll remap the following subdirectory:

to /home/user1/user1

So now anything that user1 uploads into his user1 folder can be accessed via

Now, I install AWstats onto the domain name ( to read the /home/admin/logs/ statistics.

Here is my 1st question: Do the statistics for the ‘admin’ ftp account log access to remapped sudirectories if they are accesses via eg:

Sorry for asking before trying this out, but I guess ‘user1’ 's log files will reside on his ftp account located at: /home/user1/logs and so, if AWstats set up to read only the /home/admin/logs/ it won’t record stats from that remapped directory.

If this is the case, can I set up AWstats to also log the log files for /home/user1/logs without having to set up AWstats on the ‘user1’ account?

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance for sharing any thoughts on this.