AWstats - [R] 500 PERL not understood

I install everything like as the tutorial found on Dreamhost wikki.

When I run the command :

[R] 500 PERL not understood :frowning:

I use FlashXP to execute this command.

I set the properties CHMOD for all *.pl to 755

Did I need another soft to excute the Perl Command /?/

… sniff Am I a newbie :o( or some info are wrong on the wiki ?

flashFXP? if that’s what you’re using, then yes you should use a standard SSH program like putty.


Oki I will try :slight_smile:

Look quite difficult to use, just to add one command, but I found a good tutorial.

So it mean that Flashfxp can-t run Command correctly ?

As far as I can see, your program is a fancy FTP program. The error also sounds like an erro fed back from an FTP interface. You need to run that command from the shell. What you’ll be doing is hooking up to the command line interface of your server, and asking it to run your command. That’s what you’re using putty for.


I found a tutorial

But I can-t connect to dreamhost : step4. The password don-t match… in fact

Using keyboard-interactive authentication.

It never type the password :frowning:

Just to know, after installing putty I will enter the command and Awstats will function ?

I-m not programmer at all, just webmaster,… My question may look stupid but it-s newbie question :slight_smile:

Everybody has his speciality

Thx for your support

well, there’s a couple of things here. First off when you typei n your password nothing is displayed, but if you type it in and hit enter it should work.

Also, is your user set to allow shell access? Check in the Panel > Users > Manage > edit and place a tick mark for shell access.

After you get into putty, you’ll finish carrying out the setps in the wiki article and you should be good to go.



To allow shell access whitch Type ? bin/bash ??