Awstats Question

No worries, I successfully installed it (after two and a half hours and a lot of frustration). I am just curious as to whether the installation instructions at the Wiki ( automatically configures Awstats to allow me to switch to previous month’s statistics once the current month wraps up? In other words, will I see the drop-down menu that allows me to switch months (and later, years)? I used Awstats on a different webhost and remember this feature – but currently there is no drop-down menu.

Additionally, will the installation instructions – via crontab – have Awstats automatically update once a day? I have searched the discussion forum and read several posts from people talking about updating at different parts of the day but none of them confirm/deny whether I have to take additional steps to make this happen.

And finally, I have read a few posts that mention Awstats losing an hour’s worth of logs due to the way Dreamhost processes them; what exactly does this mean? Remember, just because I managed to install Awstats does not mean I have any idea what I am doing.

Thanks in advance.

Awstats automatically update once a day works for me.
Just follow the wiki said, it’s woks.
More details about awstats you can find at

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