Awstats processing wrong log file

i have two domains on my server. one has been set up with awstats for a while. decided to set up the other. uploaded my new .conf file and ran this command:

perl /home/username/awstats/tools/ -update -awstatsprog=/home/username/awstats/cgi-bin/ -dir=/home/username/

but when i view the stats it’s showing stats for not just that domain but both domains, rolled into one. i checked the conf file and did a search for “bash” to find all the occurences, and all are right. no mention of the old doamin anywhere. also opened the log file for my 2nd domain and it is only a log of that domain as it should be, so it’s an awstats misconfiguration somehow. what could the prob be?

My guess is that you don’t have the LogFile parameter set up properly in the .conf file for the new domain. Make sure that the directory you are pointing to is to the correct domain.

that would make sense but there is no mention of my other domain anywher ein that file.

what is most confusing however is it’s not just processing that other log and combining the two. it’s like it’s partially adding in stats for the other domain. example:

if i go to my stats, one of my pages has 400 or 500 visits. this webpage also shows up on my bashfreebieguide stats, but it shows as 13 visits. i will scan the log files but there should be absolutely no way that any hits for the other domain would be recorded in there. mousing over the link in the ststa page shows which of course doesn’t even exist. i’m also getting keyword entries from that other domain mixed in with this one, just in lower amounts. so it’s not actually processing both logs in full, so i can’t understand what it could be doing.