Awstats package, don't know password

I have awstats installed, and I don’t think I’ve password-protected the installation directory. Not in .htaccess at least. Problem is, when I try to access the awstats directory, it prompts me for password as if directory is protected. Where can I look to see where this might be set?

thanks in advance,


log into your panel, go to goodies and click on Htaccess/WebDAV, the check the domain you have your awstats on. You may have done it in there. I assume you have opened your .htaccess files just to make sure?

Link to Htaccess in Panel

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naw, it isn’t configured in that webdav section.

When I use the control panel and access status > site statistics > any domain name, I am prompted for a login / password. Where were these set up?


That’s not AWStats; that’s the default what’s-its-name package. But you can set your password in the panel under Goodies->Site Statistics. Then click the wrench next to the number of Users with Access.


That was the problem! Thanks for explaining that, scott!