Awstats on wordpress

I’m having trouble getting awstats to work correctly on two of my sites where wordpress is installed in the root directory. On two other sites where wordpress is installed in a subdirectory (ie, awstats works perfectly.

Anyone have a clue on this?


This worked for me:


Thanks for the response, but I had already tried that.

I actually did find out what was wrong, just in case anyone else has this problem.

There were a couple of typo’s in the configuration file. It was just a coincidence that both sites were wordpress blogs in the root directory. In one, I had an additional double quotation mark in one line that was messing everything up, in the second, I found that I had edited the log file format in the example, which was commented, leaving the default one. Stupid I know.

The way I figured out the second problem was by running the file from the command line. That tool reports errors pretty well.

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