AWStats Not Updating



I managed to install AWStats from the Wiki guide but it doesn’t update. I heard that you should be able to update it from the browser but there’s no option for it there. In the guide I supposedly setup a cron job to update it every 3 hours but I have seen no change in the last 2 days. This is what is in the crontab right now.

0 3 * * * perl
/home/phileplanet/awstats/tools/ -conf -update
-awstatsprog=/home/phileplanet/awstats/cgi-bin/awstat -dir=/home/phileplanet/

I have removed password protection from for now but I doubt that it affects AWStats.


Perhaps you’ve had no visitors if the site was password protected.
I think that that cron job reads that it will run every day at 3am so it’s probably only run once.
I believe that you’d need to use 0 */3 * * * to make it run every three hours. Personally I’d leave the cron as-is.
If you’ve set it up from the guide okay then give it another couple of days and pay the site a few visits.



But I did have visitors. I currently use Statcounter for and it recorded like 15 people. Plus only /stats was password protected, not the whole site. I also set this up about 2 days ago so it should have updated the stats twice now.


Did you try running the cron line manually,via ssh, to see if any errors cropped up?
All the permissions set okay, directory chmodded and .pl files executable?