AWSTATS - let's make it happen!

Hello DreamHost users!

Have you ever used Awstats? Have you seen them in action? -

AWStats is a free powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically.

Let’s try to convince support team to add it as a new feature ;=) All you have to do is log in to your panel. Once you logged in, go to Home>Suggestions and click on [ For it! ] on suggestion called: “Offer analog AND awstats and webalizer.”

Let’s have some better stats!

I actually got awstats working with my account. Slightly off on accuracy, but I only lose max 1 hour of logs (and that’s around midnight, but could probably make it closer if I knew exactly what time DH rotated the logs)

I should right something up on the wiki, but only if anyone here wants to know.

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It’s already in the wiki - - and if you run it against yesterday’s rotated log (with a day delay in stats), you won’t lose any data.

I installed this about 2 weeks ago but even though i followed the instructions in the wiki, i cant get this thing to auto generate a report at 3AM. Whenever i need a report, i have to run it manually.

arcticwind: Neat! Should have looked before I tried installing it.

webdummy: What does the line look like in the crontab file. Type crontab -e to check

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It works as advertised for me … my guess would be something in the crontab … one thing to check is that the entire (lengthy) command is on one line in your crontab file (note it’s on two lines in the wiki). Also one little typo in that command and it won’t run …

SR, here is what it looks like. It is on 2 lines as in the wiki. Reading the post above,looks like i have to put the entire thing on one line. Do you concur?

0 3 * * * perl /home/jack/awstats/tools/ -update -awstatsprog=/home/jack/awstats/

yes, that’s all one command and has to appear on one line. Perhaps the easiest way would be to copy and paste it into a notepad file, make sure it’s on one line. Save it as whatever, upload it to your webspace. Then get in via ssh and type “crontab fileName.txt” That will take the file’s contense and overwirte your crontab with that. (so if you have anything else in you’re crontab besides this one command it will be gone)


I tried to type it all in one line but it is as if word wrap is on. It automatically starts on the other line when it gets to a certain point. I am using Putty. If it does not work overnight, i will try that ssh method you suggested. Thanks.

Word wrap may be turned on for nano (assuming you’re using the default text editor from ssh) If it was not wrapping it would be on one line, and the part of the line the scrolls off the screen would be denoted by a $ at the end. you Could en use the ‘cursor’ to move to the end of the line, and then you’d be able to see the rest of it. That’s the only way it will work - otherwise the compuer thinks it’s getting two commands.


I used the backspace key to get them all on one line and saved it. We will see if it works tomorrow morning. Thanks all.

They dont call me webdummy for nothing! I never thought of that! I’ll try it now.

Worked like clockwork!! Thanks all. Now is there a way to set it up so that it keeps the daily stats somewhere instead of overwriting the previous days stats everyday when it generates a new one?

Also, can someone tell me why this MySQL daily backup command is not working?

30 15 * * * mysqldump -u dbusername -pdbpassword --opt dbname >/user/dumps/files.sql

I cant get it to run. Thanks.

you have to specify the host name too. Try it like this:

30 15 * * * mysqldump --opt -uUser -pPass -h database_name > /home/user/dumps/DbDump.sql

(all on one line again)


Matt, it sort of works. It is running at the specified time and dumping the correct file in the correct location. However, the file is empty. File size is 0 and when opened there is nothing in it.

This is kind of silly imo… Many servers offer AWStats as a default install (among other stats packages). Why should we have to jump through these hoops for every site when a DH tech could do it once and all would be well?

Any input from the Dreamhost folks?


Read the first post - that was the origional intent of this post - that people vote for the sigguestion that DH offer awstats.


Matt, any idea why the file size is zero?

try running the command from the prompt (not from cron) and see if you get an error that may help explain.

So, just log into ssh, and then paste in the “mysqldump --opt…” obviously you’ll need to put in the user, pass, host name, and database name. but you leave the ‘option’ infront of it. Where is says -uUser, for example you would put in -umatttail. I know that part confused me at first. The same goes for the rest of the ‘options’.

When I run the command I’m not returned with anything, just a new prompt, and the dump has been properly carried out. If you get an error, copy and paste it here.