Awstats install error

Hello. I followed instructions found in the wiki but i am still getting and error. I belive the problem may be this line from the wiki:

  1. Back into the awstats directory inside your home directory - copy awstats.model.conf to

does he mean that i need to rename the model.conf to mydomain.conf? He says copy but i dont have a mydomain.conf already so i would think he meant to say rename. Am i right?

Ok. I figured out my error and moved on. I am now stuck at number 13:

  1. I like Pico for editing the crontab. Type
    export EDITOR=pico

Exactly where do i type this?

Ok. Once again i figured it out. I am now on the last line and i am confident i will not figure this one out so help would be appreciated:

  1. You might want to put a .htaccess file with this line into your output directory:
    That will show the stats overview as the default index when you open that directory. You might also want to password protect it via the Dreamhost control panel.

Exactly what is he talking about?

Am i the only one that uses this program?? Anybody?? Following the wiki, i thought i had done everything right. However, i did not get an automatic run of the software at 3AM. What do i need to do?